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wedding Photography

Each wedding is unique. My favorite things to capture in any wedding are those unique moments that will later tell the story of how much love was at their wedding.

Jonathan &


Jonathan and Kim were the first couple to ever be so bold to ask me to shoot their wedding.


They had full confidence that I was able to capture their dream moments on their special day. 

Thank you Jonathan & Kim you guys are a huge blessing to me.

jeff &


Jeff & Jen's wedding was quite unique in that I was originally going as a guest. However, their photographer had a last minute emergency. Jeff asked me to fill in and just take as many photos as possible.

Jeff is an amazing photographer himself, so this was both intimidating & exciting at the same time.

Thank you for the opportunity Jeff and Jennifer

Justin &


Vanessa is my sister and I was sooo excited to shoot her wedding for her!! Justin is a great brother-in-law and we had a ton of fun shooting all these photos even though it was sooo hot that day we nearly all melted.



For this wedding, Jeff (from above) asked me to be his second shooter. This wedding was tucked away in the mountains and caused the ceremony to have a spectacular background.



I have attended many weddings of friends and family. I did not attend as a party of 1 though...I brought my camera to see if I could get some great shots while I was listening to their vows... turned out to be a great way to spend my time.

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